Think Before You Ink

         Pain is not an option in Hell… or at least in Hell City it’s not. Thousands of brave souls gathered at one of the world’s largest tattoo festivals in Phoenix this past week. With over two hundred tattoo artists present, this event was no place for the weak hearted. The Hell City tattoo convention had no problem entertaining its guests though– With tattoo competitions, live freak shows, musical performances and even a kid’s zone, attendees of all ages were sure to have a breathtaking time. With more tickets sold than ever before, it seems that tattoo culture is quickly on the rise. Does this mean that tattoos are becoming more acceptable in society?

Although tattoos may be on the rise, many people believe that tattoos carry a negative stigma with them in the world of professionalism. According to a survey, “85% of survey respondents believe that tattoos and body piercing impede ones chances of finding a job.” The blog also stated that getting hired with a tattoo depends on the job and it’s environment and that it’s important to think twice before getting a tattoo. Even though this website’s work seemed credible enough, I still wasn’t completely convinced. I used my own social media to find out how young professionals felt about tattoos (below are the actual posts).  I found that most people felt that having a tattoo was not an issue if you could cover them up with makeup or clothing. Other’s felt that tattoos could completely harm ones opportunity to be taken seriously in a job interview.

It’s always important to think twice before getting a tattoo, no matter what profession you’re in. Just because it seems like a good idea at the time, doesn’t mean it won’t affect you in the long run. Remember to stay professional and classy.


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